Removing the Impurities in Sugar

Sugar syrup, commonly known as “chaashni” is used to make sweets and sharbats in various consistencies. All of us enjoy savouring on sweets and sharbats – be it at stalls, street side shops, malls or restaurants. But did you know that the sugar used to make this syrup may be contaminated with sleaze- which is inedible, unhealthy and poisonous.

Sugar available in the market usually has impurities which cannot be seen by the naked eye. To produce a high quality product, it is crucial to ensure that the sugar used is free of impurities. Sugar as an ingredient is very prone to contamination/adulteration.  It can contain bacteria, sand/mud, yeast, ash constituents, wax and other impurities.

There is a simple technique to ensure this sleaze is removed. While making the syrup, a small quantity of milk has to be added to the sugar & water and boiled. After a while, the sleaze floats on the syrup surface which can be sieved and removed.

This information has been shared by Ms Gulab Bhandari who is a savvy culinary artist with over 25 years of experience. She specialises in “khakhras” (a popular gujarati snack) of various flavours, different pickles, masalas, molgapodi, thandai, sharbats of various kinds among many other items. All these items are home/hand made and curated with only high-quality ingredients and hygiene is given utmost importance.

Image: Slack formed on the sugar syrup. Write to to find out more. Contributor: Ms. Gulab Bhandari

Sugar Syrup Impurities

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