Our Story

A simple 15-year-old girl with a passion for cooking would fondly craft syrups, khakhras and pickles for her family in a humble Rajasthani household, and before she realised, the word of her relishing delicacies spread.
Gulab Maa of Gulabs Chennai
That's how the story of Gulabs began.

Gulab Maa, as we lovingly call her today, would have requests pouring in from friends and relatives, for her dishes. What started as providing crafted syrups, khakhras and pickles to family and relatives, soon grew into a passion for serving many families like hers' craving for the same taste. For decades, she single-handedly ran a home-based business, serving many.

Little did she know then that she had a larger audience awaiting her crafted delicacies.

Relishing her khakhras and pickle, Naveen Bhandari her nephew, and now the Managing Director of GULABS, realised that Gulab Maa’s craft needed a wider audience.  For someone who loves to explore different cuisines, he made it his mission to widen the reach of these home-based Rajasthani delicacies.

A larger structured setup was put in place in the year 2015 and was strongly grounded with the core values of Gulab Maa - quality, consistency and rooted to the flavours of home. Right from the quality of the raw materials sourced, to the consistency of the end product, Gulab Maa treats them like her third child and checks every batch of syrup, khakhra, masala or pickle that leaves the Gulabs factory.

Her mantra to these inimitable taste is a face with a smile and a heart full of love while preparing these products, and the same has been inculcated in every team member of the Gulabs family. There is fun and togetherness combined with a greater vision and dedication, to deliver delicacies that reflect the flavour of home, across the length and breadth of this country.

Gulabs is now a fraternity of 30+ people working relentlessly under the guidance of Gulab Maa who continue to experiment for creating snacks and syrups with minimal or no artificial colours or synthetic essence.

Adding to the rich and crafted flavours is an equally rich packaging. At Gulabs, it’s a conscious effort to keep the use of plastic at bay and provide these delectable delicacies in an earthy and eco-friendly package.

The journey that began from a modest Rajasthani kitchen at 15, has grown to cater to a greater crowd with the same love, dedication and an endearing smile at 70.