Why Should You Drink Nannari

It's the time of the year again when the blazing heat from the sun shows no mercy on the mighty creatures living on this planet. Temperatures rising to as high as 50 degrees Celcius in many parts of the country, making it extremely tiring and energy draining to complete even the daily chores. But like time, even work cannot stop; and this makes it extremely important that we prepare our bodies to cope up with the same. 

Now, if you step into a supermarket searching for 101 ways you can beat the summer heat, you are sure to hit the aisle lined with tempting beverages and carbonated drinks. Unfortunately, apart from the short-term cooling effect they have on the body, they also come with the baggage of unwanted calories. So, what do you resort to? Some good ol' traditional remedy, perhaps?

One of the many ways in which people have been coping with the harsh heat is through the drink made from sarsaparilla roots. The herb, most commonly known as Nannari is a species of plant found in South Asia with woody and aromatic roots. It is widely used in making beverages and is also used in traditional medicines. 

So, what makes it an ideal drink for the summer?

Keeps the Body Cool

Nannari roots are natural body coolants, and when consumed as a sharbat can help prevent dehydration during summers. 

Blood Purifier

For centuries, Nannari sharbat is consumed to purify the blood; thus adding to the many medicinal benefits that come with it


Tackling indigestion with bitter pills can be very distasteful. Substituting those with a glass of Nannari sharbat is said to do wonders. 

Skin Care

Nannari is also said to help with skin problems including psoriasis, acne, rashes, and syphilis.

Urinary Infection and Constipation

Nannari is believed to be a classic home-remedy to help relive the body pain, tackle urinary infection and constipation. 

With many more benefits of consuming Nannari, it also serves as a great beverage that can be best enjoyed with a dash of lemon. 

Wondering where you can get hold of this refreshing drink? Click here to know more. 


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