Why is it important to stay hydrated at home ?

Why is it important to stay hydrated at home ?

As it is said, “When you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated.” 

Staying hydrated should definitely be your new moto ! 

Did you know that the human body itself consists of 75% water ? While people consist mostly of water, they need to continue drinking it to exist. 

Here's why "Hydration is the primary key to life" : 

1) Sleep, drink and treat your body. 

Stay Hydrated and your skin, hair and body will thank you later for it ! It is a natural remedy that doesn't require you to get out of the comfort of your home given the tough situations.

So stop making excuses and have a glass of water while reading this article. It's only the beginning !

2) Stress eating ? Hydration is the cure 

“You are not hungry, you are just bored. Drink away and learn the difference.” 

Hydration is a tried and tested weight loss strategy that has been practiced for years now. The current situation of being indoors can tend to make you feel hungry and bloated, it's time to take care of your body and replenish it by having loads of liquids. That way you will not overeat and give the right nutrients to your body. 

 3) Believe it or not , Staying hydrated is a Mood lifter !

Not drinking enough liquids has been linked to a poor mind and fatigue. It is said that if you hydrate in the morning , you will feel much happier, energetic and refreshed throughout the day. So what are you waiting for ? Drink up !

4) Do your squats and drink on.

It is necessary to replenish when you sweat.

Given the humid weather, we lose a lot of fluid from our body through sweat and it is important to get the liquid back up this time. Stay healthy by exercising and hydrating at home this summer. 

5) Cleanse your body

Unintentionally, your body is taking in toxins from food, beverages, air and various contaminants which can lead to many physical imbalances. The more you hydrate, the more toxins the body releases inside and out making you feel healthy throughout. 

 Sleep well , eat clean , hydrate , exercise and repeat !

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