5 Tips for Working from Office in the New Normal

5 Tips for Working from Office in the New Normal

The last couple of months have been tough, and the current state of affairs makes it even more difficult to foresee the days ahead. In the midst of all this, there are many of us who've resumed work. It almost seems nostalgic getting back to the office, much like a child returning to school after their summer break. While things still seem the same, there is a certain newness that everyone is experiencing. 

Right now, the imperative goal is to contain the spread of the disease as much as possible. While the government does its job, each one of us needs to go the extra mile to ensure our safety and the safety of those waiting for us back home. Here are some simple steps that can help - 


  1. Wear a mask

While it's hard to pick if a person is infected by the virus or not, wearing a mask can better your chances of avoiding it. There are various options available now - from classic black or someone tailored to suit your outfit of the day. So, keep it stylish and stay safe!


  1. Washing your hands and carrying a sanitizer

Irrespective of your mode of transport, it’s advisable to carry and use a sanitizer to get rid of unwanted germs. A lot of public surfaces may act as transmitters of the virus, hence keeping a sanitizer is must to ensure one’s safety.


  1. Social Distancing

It's been the norm since day 1 and the unlock doesn't make it insignificant. Keep a distance for your own good!


  1. Keep yourself hydrated and  eat well

Many tend to miss drinking water because of the long hours of wearing the mask. While you take steps to keep safe from the virus, make sure you don't miss out on the ideal 6-8 glasses of water a day. Carry your own water bottle and avoid sharing. 

Among professionals who were working from home, there was a trend which became quite noticeable- snackingSince people were in their homes all day, there were instances in which one would lose track of time. However, it is important to ensure that you eat small meals, spaced out at regular intervals for improved health and wellness. Of the plethora of options, you might want to consider our range of Tiny Khakhra and Seed Mix that comes in pocket-friendly sizes!


  1. Home to Office and Office to Home

While work is important, make sure you step out only for that. Regular travel eventually might  make things seem "normal", but the virus is still real. So, restricting your travel route is important. 


It's a matter of time before things resume to their old self. Until then, stay safe!


Stay safe at the workplace this pandemic!

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