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Popsicles are timeless ! There's no specific time or place to consume it. It brings back childhood memories of having a golla by the beach with your loved ones. Doesn't it ? 

However, you must be bored of having the same flavours be it kala Khatta or rose. So, here's a twist on the conventional popsicles that you can try and experiment at home : 

Kesar Badam Popsicle 

1 cup milk 

2.5 tbsp Gulabs kesar Badam syrup

1.5 slice of bread - Crumbs

Pinch of cardomom powder 

Few Saffron strands (Optional)

Mix everything on a low flame until the mixture begins to boil. Let it cool down and Freeze in popsicle moulds. Garnish with almond shavings. 

Orange Pudina Popsicle 

1 Cup Orange Juice 

2-3 tbsps Gulabs Pudina Syrup

Mix and pour in popsicle moulds. Freeze them for 3-5 hours until set. The texture and colour of the popsicle will truly leave you mesmerised. 

Khus Sabja Popsicle

100 ml soda

4 tbsp Gulabs Khus syrup 

1 tbsp soaked Sabja seeds 

1/2 tsp lemon juice 

Mix until well combined & Freeze in popsicle moulds for 3-4 hours. The sweetness of Khus along with the crunchy texture of sabja seeds is something you should definitely try ! 

Bon Apetit ! 

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