A bowl of raita with a sweet, refreshing twist!

A bowl of raita with a sweet, refreshing twist!

Curd (Dahi) is an essential component of every Indian kitchen. It is typically eaten at the end of meals, due to its cooling properties.  There are people who enjoy their bowl of dahi by itself or with a spoonful of sugar. However, for those who are looking to mix things up, there is a variety of ingredients which one can add!


Raita is a popular Indian condiment which goes well with a variety of dishes. It is quite versatile: from raw vegetables to boondi, one can combine with a wide range of ingredients to create different flavoured raitas. Dishes such as biryani, pulao, curries etc. are the ones with which raita is consumed.


Over the past 6 years, the curd market has grown at a healthy rate of close to 19%. This can be attributed to factors such as rise in disposable income of people, rising health consciousness, rise in population etc. 


One can explore multiple routes in order to make their standard bowl of curd interesting. It can vary from adding some sugar to sweeten the deal or adding different vegetables and masalas to spice things up! Our twist on curd brings a burst of flavour, accompanied by a sweet aftertaste of thandai and the crunch of almonds! You can experiment with a variety of nuts and create your own twists!

This recipe serves 1 



Curd - 4 tbsps 

Gulabs Thandai Concentrate - 3 tbsps 

Cut Almonds & Pistachios - To garnish



  1. Add 4 tbsp of curd/ yogurt (can be store bought or homemade) into an empty bowl 
  2. Beat/mix the curd till it comes to a soft and smooth consistency 
  3. Add 3 tbsp of the Gulabs Thandai Concentrate 
  4. Mix the contents of the bowl till the Thandai and Curd combine 
  5. Garnish with cut dry fruits - we have used almonds & pistachios. 


Click here for a video recipe: 

Thandai Raita made with Gulabs 100% Natural Thandai

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