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A plate full of steaming hot idlis, chutney, malgapodi and a bowl of sambar is a staple scene in South-Indian homes. Many individuals have grown up starting their day with it. So, how do you make this staple meal more enticing, especially for the youth?
Malgapodi is a common accompaniment to idlis and dosas.  Loaded with a blend of spices, it is a hot, tangy and slightly spicy condiment which is much loved. When mixed with ghee, it offers an absolutely lip-smacking experience.
Here's a quick recipe prepared with our preservative-free Malgapodi to spice up an old classic meal.   
  1. 4 Tbsp Gulabs Malgapodi
  2. 16 Cocktail Idlis
  3. 2 Tbsp Ghee
  1. Heat the ghee and add the mini idlis. Saute the idlis on a medium flame for a few seconds
  2. Add Gulabs Malgapodi, mix gently and cook on a medium flame for a minute while tossing occasionally.
  3. Take the idlis off the flame. Place 3 idlis on top of each other and secure them with a toothpick. 

Cocktail Idly prepared with Gulabs Malgapodi


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