Alternate Snacking Options: Simplified

Alternate Snacking Options: Simplified

With our society slowly but surely progressing towards a healthier lifestyle, people all over the world are now looking for alternate snacking options which are filling, and at the same time, go easy on the calories. 

People want to avoid fried foods as much as possible. Hence they are constantly looking for roasted or grilled options. Parallelly, most doctors and nutritionists are on the same page regarding the following fact: It is better to enjoy small meals (and roasted snacks in between) more frequently instead of starving oneself and binging later during the day. This is because, due to prolonged periods of hunger throughout the day, there is a tendency to consume extra calories at the end of the day.

There are multiple advantages of munching on roasted snacks such as gram. Some of these include

  1. Keeping calorie intake in check
  2. Ensuring bones are strong
  3. Reducing the risk of diabetes
  4. Keeping blood sugar levels in check

Some of the most popular roasted snacks include chana, peas, seeds, fox nuts (makhana) amongst others. It is important to note that they must be consumed in limited quantities, preferably in between meals. This will enable you to avoid going through a bag of fried snacks while engaging in different activities throughout the day. 

Keeping up with this trend, we have come up with a roasted snack for you to enjoy munching through the day. A box of our Roasted Seeds Mix, which is packaged in a portable travel friendly package, which makes it perfect for outdoor activities too! Its ingredients are filled with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Hence they serve as the ideal mid morning or evening snack.  If you are looking for more snacking options from us, you might want to check out our range of roasted khakhras here!

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