An unconventional twist on a traditional beverage!

An unconventional twist on a traditional beverage!

Amidst the lockdown situation we were in, there was a trend which became quite popular. Since people had more time on their hands, they were experimenting with different cuisines, dishes and styles of cooking too. Creating twists on recipes became quite common and there were multiple instances of this on social media. Keeping up with the trend, we bring you a traditional twist on a classic dessert- cheesecake.

Our quick and simple recipe involves the incorporation of a highly popular festive beverage- Thandai! We believe that consumption of Thandai does not need to be specific to a festival, but it should be enjoyed purely for its taste and flavour This cake can easily be made in a couple of minutes!

This recipe serves 1



Paneer (Cottage Cheese) - a bowl (4 to 6 tbsps) 

Gulabs Thandai Concentrate - 2 tbsps 

Fresh Cream (unsweetened) - 2 tbsps

Cut Almonds & Pistachios - To garnish



  1. Add 2 tbsp of fresh cream into a bowl of paneer (cottage cheese) 
  2. Mix the fresh cream in till it combines with the paneer (cottage cheese)
  3. Add 2 tbsp of the Gulabs Thandai Concentrate 
  4. Mix the contents of the bowl till the Thandai and paneer & fresh cream mixture combine 
  5. Garnish with cut dry fruits - we have used almonds & pistachios. 

 Thandai Cheesecake made with Gulabs Thandai


Check out our video for the preparation of this cheesecake with a twist!



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