Brighten up these gloomy monsoon days!

Brighten up these gloomy monsoon days!

In today’s day and age, one of the beverages which has kept up with changing times and trends is tea. In the past, tea was a beverage which people would begin their day with, use to recharge themselves or consume it as an accompaniment to evening snacks. But now, there are a plethora of areas in which it is used. The pleasant flavour of tea is being extracted to incorporate into the world of sweet treats. Multiple sweet treats such as cakes, ice creams, trifles etc. are being enriched with the flavour of tea. 

There has also been a rise in the consumption of flavoured teas. When there are multiple complementary flavours in the tea, that is the cherry on the cake! One such variation of tea is Cinnamon Elaichi Tea. The spices combine together beautifully to provide a distinct taste and are elevated by a hint of sweetness. A cup of this tea will rejuvenate you completely.

Here’s our recipe on how to brew this delightful beverage!


1 Tbsp Tea Leaves

1 Cup Water

2 Tbsp Gulabs Cinnamon Elaichi Sharbat (Syrup)



1. Bring 1 cup water to a boil

2. Add 1 tbsp of tea leaves and let it simmer till the tea leaves have infused with the water

3. In a cup, add 2 tbsp of Gulabs Cinnamon Elaichi sharbat

4. Strain the infused tea water into the cup

5. Serve hot. 

Cinnamon Elaichi Tea made with Gulabs Cinnamon Elaichi Syrup


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