Gulabs Rose and Cinnamon Elaichi Mocktail

Refreshing Coconut Mocktails with Gulabs

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Coconut Water is just the right way to cool off on hot summer days. It is one of the healthiest drink that promotes various benefits. It contains high water content and is a rich source of dietary fibre that is essential for the digestive system to function well. It can also help control sugar levels. Coconut water is said to replenish the body and treat dehydration. 

This recipe will surely give you the taste of tropics ! A Classic summer beverage that tastes perfectly sweet when paired with Gulabs Rose and Cinnamon Elaichi Syrup. Quench your thirst and stay hydrated this month by making this easy Mocktail.

Here's how you can make these delicious coconut mocktails at home :

Let's get into the tropical mood !

The Ingredients you'll need :

1 tbsp Gulabs Rose/Cinnamon Elaichi Syrup 

1/2 cup Coconut water 

1 tbsp Coconut Malai (cream)

Method :

1) Take an empty glass. Add 1 tbsp coconut malai (cream) to it.

2) Now add 1 tbsp Gulabs Rose/Cinnamon Elaichi syrup to it. 

3) Top it off with some fresh coconut water and stir well.

Delectable , rich & Creamy !

Your Refreshing coconut mocktail is ready.

Bon Apetit ! 

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