Frozen Yogurt Bark made with Gulabs Rose Syrup

Frozen Yogurt Barks

Frozen Rose Yogurt Barks 
 Have you ever tried consuming yogurt in frozen form ? It's time to make your snack time more exciting !  Yogurt is a staple food that can be found in almost every house-old. 
Flavour your yogurt with our rich Gulabs Rose Syrup and add your favourite toppings to it. This recipe incorporates nuts and dark chocolate muesili to it. 
It's time to try out something different and experiment with your plain old yogurt !
Here's how you can make some Rose Yogurt Barks :
Ingredients : 
1 Cup Greek Yogurt 
1 Tsp Honey 
2-3 Tbsps Gulabs Rose Syrup 
3 Tbsp Chocolate Muesili 
Method : 
1) Take some thick Greek yogurt in a non-stick pan. 
2) Spread some honey and gulabs rose syrup on it.
3) Twirl it well and garnish with chocolate muesili.
4) Freeze it for 3-4 hours until completely set. Now break it into pieces. 
Enjoy !
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