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Craving a chatpata snack ? Here's a healthy alternative for you !        

 Khakhra is truly an emotion ! Make an exciting staple Gujarati snack even more tasty.  A Gujarati delicacy made with a twist made with a combination of sweet and spicy flavours, all at the same time. The textures of crunchy khakhra when combined with nuts, dal and various spices.

A light yet tasty snack that will fill your tummy and satisfy all your hunger pangs be it between your meals or during tea time.  A 5 minute recipe that you can store in any airtight container and munch on as per your convenience. 

Ready, Set & Munch On !

Here's how you can make some Khakhra Chivda :       

Ingredients : 
2 tbsp Oil
1 tbsp Sesame seeds
1 dry Red chili
1 tbsp Peanuts
8 Curry leaves
8 Gulabs Chilli Coriander Khakhra 
1 Tbsp Roasted Chana Dal
Masalas :
1/4 tsp hing, Chilli Powder, Mustard Seeds, Turmeric Powder, Cumin Seeds,Salt  
¬Ĺ teaspoon chaat masala
¬Ĺ teaspoon kitchen king masala
1/2 tsp Powdered sugar
Method : 
1) Add Oil in a pan on medium heat. Add some sesame seeds and dried red chilli to it.
2) Once the sesame seeds begin to crackle, mix in peanuts and curry leaves.
3) Now add in the Chana dal and all the masalas.
4) Give it a nice stir and switch off the gas.
5) Add the crunchy khakhra pieces to it and mix well.
Your chivda is ready !
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