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Khakhra Pizza Bites
Truly a crunchy burst of flavour !
Who doesn't like pizza ! However, have you ever eaten pizza and felt guilty after eating it ? We have a solution to your problem. Here's a guilt free Khakhra version of a pizza that you can indulge on. 
These cute tiny bites is the perfect appetiser that you can make for occasions at home or be it just for an evening snack with your daily tea/coffee routine. The melted cheese and veggies along with our crispy khakhras will leave you craving for more. 
Here's how you can make Khakhra Pizza :
Ingredients : 
Gulabs Tiny Khakhra 
Pizza sauce 
Raw chopped veggies
Seasoning - Oregano & chilli flakes
Method :
1) Take some Gulabs Mini Plain khakhras in a pan.
2) Add some pizza sauce to it. 
3) Top it off with raw veggies and some cheese.
4) Let the khakhras roast on a low heat and cover it with a lid.
5) Once the cheese melts, season it well !
Your Khakhra pizza bites are ready. 
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