Kokum Anar Slush

Kokum Anar Slush


Kokum is an exotic cherry-like summer fruit that is mainly consumed in Maharashtra and a few states of southern India. It is usually sour in taste with a hint of sweet aroma. It is not only used as a spice and for cooking dishes but also has medicinal properties. 

The kokum syrup extracted from this pinkish purple fruit offers a refreshing punch to your palate. It is enhanced with black salt, cumin, pepper and ginger to elevate the experience even further. This summer Mocktail made using Gulabs Kokum Syrup is the perfect thirst quencher and can easily be made at home. 

Here's how you can make a Kokum Anar Slush :

Ingredients :

1 Cup Crushed Ice

2 Tbsp Gulabs Kokum Syrup

2 Tbsp Anar/Pomegranate 

A pinch of Black Salt

Few Cumin Seeds

For Garnish : 

1 Tbsp Anar/Pomegranate 

Few Pudina Leaves

Method :

1) Take a blender. Add 2 tbsps of Gulabs kokum syrup to it.

2) Now add 2 tbsps of Pomegranate/Anar to it and blend. 

2) Add 1 cup crushed ice to this mixture along with the black salt and cumin seeds. Blend it again until well combined.

3) The drink will have a very icy texture. Serve it chilled. 

Drink Away !

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