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Tea is a beverage which is consumed on a daily basis in our country. Out of the tea grown in the country, around 81% is consumed domestically

People are also straying away from the standard cup of chai and are looking for different flavoured options. Along with this, it has become increasingly common to use the flavour of tea in different sweet treats. One such flavour is rose.

Rose has multiple beneficial properties which includes treatment of infections, soothing skin issues, relieving headaches etc. It also has highly useful cooling properties. A cup of rose tea, brewed using Gulabs Rose Sharbat brings the goodness of rose to the table!

Here’s a way in which you can prepare a cup in a matter of minutes!

This recipe serves 1.


Tea Leaves



Gulabs Rose Sharbat (Syrup)

Rose Petals



1. Bring 1 cup of Water to a boil

2. Add in 1 tbsp of Tea Leaves and let it simmer till the tea leaves have infused with the water

3. In a cup, add 2 tbsps of Gulabs Rose Sharbat

4. Strain the infused tea water into the cup

5. Add a squeeze of lime to the cup and stir well

6. Top off with a few Rose Petals to garnish

7. Serve hot.

Check out the video recipe too!

Aromatic Rose Tea made with Gulabs Rose Sharbat


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