Blueberry Paan Shrikhand - A Light-Hearted Dessert!

Blueberry Paan Shrikhand - A Light-Hearted Dessert!

Shrikhand, is a popular dessert in the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan that is traditionally made with hung curd or yoghurt. Over the years, this dessert has grown to be adopted by various states, each giving their unique culture and flavour to the dessert. 

Experimenting with various flavours and combination, here is a new variant to the dessert - Blueberry Paan Shrikhand! 

Considered a superfood, blueberries are low in calorie, succulent and nutritious. Drawing its goodness and complementing it with the rich flavour, and freshness of Gulabs Paan Sharbat is this very light, easy-to-make and extremely delicious dessert. 

Blueberry Paan Shrikhand

Hung Curd - 1 cup or 200gms
Cream (not whipped) - 3 tbsps
Water - 5 tablespoon  
Gulabs Paan Sharbat - 3  teaspoon
Blueberries Jam - 3 teaspoon 

1. Heat the blueberry jam with water in a pan, and constantly stir. Once the Jam starts to thicken remove it from fire and let it cool. 
2. Transfer the hung curd into a bowl and whisk gently. Add Gulabs Paan Sharbat and stir in.
3. Add the cream and another gentle whisk.
4. Transfer to serving bowls and garnish with a little blueberry jam and the chopped Paan leaves. Refrigerate for about an hour and serve chilled.

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