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 Uttapam Burger 

 A Staple South Indian Delicacy but with a twist !
Running out of breakfast ideas ? It's time to experience the authentic flavours of South India. Indulge in these soft and spongy savoury Pancakes topped with Gulabs Malgapodi Powder.Traditionally served as a whole breakfast meal in most of South India, the extra punch of flavour that is added to the plain Uttapam is to die for.
We turned a regular uttapam into a burger !
The fluffiness of the uttapam along with some aloo masala and Malgapodi powder is a flavour profile worth trying out. This is something that should become a staple  in all homes. So what are you waiting for ? Let's dig into some delicious Uttapam burgers. 
The perfect flavour punch for your South Indian Cravings !  
Here's how you can make a Uttapam Burger :
Ingredients : 
Idli Batter 
Aloo Masala 
Gulabs Malgapodi Powder
Method : 
1) Using the idli batter, make small round shapes in a pan. 
2) Cook it well and keep it aside. 
3) Now place some of the aloo masala on one of the uttapam.
4) Top it with some Malgapodi. 
5) Stack it again with another uttapam.  
6) Use a toothpick to keep hold of the burger. 
South Indian food at it's best !
Here's another recipe for you : 
Cocktail Malgapodi Idlis 
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