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100 grams

Rava Upma Mix with Malgapodi

Rava Upma Mix with Malgapodi

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Gulabs Rava Upma mix is a healthy instant meal, true to its classic South-Indian origin. Each pack of this delectable handcrafted mix is righteously filled with roasted cashews, spices and pulses. Easy to cook, and delicious to consume, relish it anytime, anywhere.

Made in Pure Ghee | Free Malgapodi inside | Assured Cashews

Quantity: 100gm

Directions For Use

1. To 300ml boiling water empty the Rava Upma Mix

2. Stir for 4-5 minutes in an open pan till the desired consistency is reached. (optional: add cut vegetables at this stage)

3. Switch off the stove. Sprikle Gulabs Malgapodi and enjoy

Recommendation: Tastes best with Gulabs Malgapodi, Gulabs Lemon Pickle or chutney


Rava Upma Mix: Rava(Semolina), Clarified Butter(Ghee), Salt, Cashews, Black Gram Lentils, Split Bengal Gram, Dried Red Chillies, Mustard Seeds, Curry Leaves, Asafoetida, Citric Acid (E330)

Malgapodi: Split Bengal Gram, Black gram, Red Chilli Powder, Tamarind, Cooking Oil, Salt, Asafoetida

Shelf Life: 9 months 

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