Holi Thandai Recipes

5 Holi Recipes to Indulge in !

Holi Hain ! 

 With festivities, comes Good Food. Holi is not only a festival of Colours but a festival of Flavours !

Thandai is a traditional drink made with exotic spices, nuts and milk. It is extremely popular mainly in the NorthWestern states of India and is consumed mainly during MahaShivratri and Holi. With Holi just around the corner, add a bit of fusion to your celebrations by incorporating our 100 % Natural Thandai into your food/desserts. 

Here are 5 Holi recipes with our Thandai twist : 

Thandai kebab

Not your regular Kebab ! A  rich flavour of thandai masala with some soft paneer and a hint of peppercorn is truly divine.

Thandai Kebab

Spicy Nutty Cake 

 Oh, sooo good ! A bit of festivity, spice and traditional twist added to your usual sponge cake is the way to go this Holi.

 Spiced Nutty Cake

Thandai Chocolate Bark

Nothing says “love” better than some decadent chocolate pieces topped with rich textured Thandai flavours. 

Thandai Chocolate Bark

Thandai IceCream 

Rich, decadent and creamy !  Beat the summer heat now by relishing on this freshly made Ice cream infused with some Gulabs Thandai Powder.

Thandai IceCream

Thandai Cookies

Evening Snack Cravings? Enjoy some crispy Indian cookies with the flavours of Thandai. It's truly a match made in heaven ! 

Thandai Cookies

 Bon Appetit, wishing you'all a joyous Holi !

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