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Summers are definitely for Mangoes and Nostalgia !

Summer is almost coming to an end , it is the perfect time to go to your kitchen and make this icy cold refreshing dessert. The sweetness of mango when combined with the tanginess of Gulabs Lemon Syrup will surely be your go-to dessert for holidays. 

Make everyday MANGOnificient with this easy to make recipe.

Here's how you can indulge in some refreshing Mango Sorbet at home :

The Ingredients you'll need :

1 Whole Frozen Mango

2 Tbsp Gulabs Lemon Syrup

2 Marie Biscuits or any other brand of your choice

Pudina leaves (For Garnish)

Method :

1) Take a big mango and cut it into cubes.

2) Put the cubes in a container and let it freeze for about 4-5 hours in the freezer.

3) Now take a mixer, add the mango cubes in it. 

4) Add 2 tbsp Gulabs Lemon Syrup to it. Grind it till it becomes into a thick icy consistency. 

5) Pour the icy mixture into small bowls and top it with some crushed biscuits along with pudina leaves. Serve chilled. 

Your Mango Sorbet is ready.

Here's a few other summer desserts that you can make this month :

Rich Rose Baked Curd

Thandai Icecream

Kesar Badam Kheer

Thandai Cheesecake

Bon Apetit !  

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